Phoebe Venable Featured in Financial Times’ Financial Advisor IQ


Phoebe Venable, CapWealth Advisors’ President and COO, is featured in Financial Times’ Financial Advisor IQ discussing the sharing economy, its effect on the larger economy and investment trends.

No matter how small of a demographic change is taking place in spending behaviors, she adds, clients seem to appreciate her attention to both a changing economy and their shifting personal consumption behavior.

“In a lot of cases, they don’t even realize how big of an impact a shared economy might make in shaping their long-term savings outlook,” Venable says.

The rising fortunes of goods being shared rather than owned is also being addressed in her firm’s portfolio building process.

Analysts and portfolio managers at CapWealth have created a special filter to uncover stocks primed to take advantage of the shared economy, according Venable.

“This is a huge fundamental shift in consumer markets and investing strategies — we think it’s going to result in margin compression across the entire retail space,” she says. “So we’re making our clients aware of these changes and how their portfolios might be impacted in the future.”

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