Phoebe Venable Provides Insight on Millennial Investors in Financial Advisor IQ

CapWealth Advisors President and COO Phoebe Venable

CapWealth President and COO Phoebe Venable recently contributed her insights on millennial investors in an article for Financial Advisor IQ titled “Ignore Millennial Prospects at Your Own Peril.”

The article – which featured the insights of a select few financial industry experts, including Phoebe – highlighted recent research proving that millennials are saving for retirement more so than many think, surpassing both Gen Xers and baby boomers in their rate of savings and demonstrating themselves as worthy prospects for financial advisors.

In the article, Phoebe noted that “Younger prospects also present opportunities to teach sound investment strategies and steer them away from poor financial behavior.” She also spoke to some of the commonly asked questions that CapWealth advisors hear from this generation, from how much to allocate for loan and student debt payments to how much to save for a first home and how to split savings between 401(k) plans and individual retirement accounts.

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