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Helping our clients meet and exceed their lifestyle and investment objectives is the most important thing CapWealth Advisors can do to ensure financial achievement—both our clients’ and, as a consequence, our own. We start by listening closely to each of our clients’ goals. We then develop smart, innovative strategies for those goals. And finally, we follow through with commitment, customer service excellence and utmost integrity. We believe that the bond of trust between a client and an advisor is won daily. It grows into a successful, long-term relationship only when the advisor puts the client’s interests first, always.
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Timothy J. Pagliara


Phoebe Venable, CFA®


R. Scott Roland


Ryan J. Hitt


John Lueken


Timothy Murphy, CFP®


Traci Olive


Jennifer Pagliara

Timothy J. Pagliara Phoebe Venable, CFA®
R. Scott Roland Ryan J. Hitt
John Lueken Timothy Murphy, CFP®
Traci Olive Jennifer Pagliara