Asset Management

Asset Management: Overview

At CapWealth Advisors, most of our clients are long-term investors of high net worth and appreciate the value of a trusted investment advisor that thinks in terms of just that: value and the long term. After all, we’re managing your assets in order to protect and grow your overall wealth for the decades and the generations to come.

With CapWealth Advisors, formulating a personalized Investment Plan and setting your course will include face-to-face meetings, in-depth analysis, ongoing portfolio monitoring/management, implementation of risk management strategies, monthly statements, quarterly performance reports and online access to your accounts. It will also include a lot of rigorous thought and research on our part, because we don’t simply rely on Modern Portfolio Theory or following an index.

Sophisticated Simplicity® defines the partnership CapWealth has with our clients. We keep our investment strategies simple and our research process sophisticated. Our clients’ interests are always aligned with our own. We manage our own wealth exactly the same way as we manage yours.

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