Aggressive Growth

About Our Models: Aggressive Growth

  • Description: Our Aggressive Growth Opportunities model portfolio is designed to take advantage of inefficiencies and disruptions in the stock market. These disruptions occur for a variety of reasons and can provide opportunities to initiate positions with extraordinary risk/return characteristics. The portfolio is highly concentrated in 15-25 stocks. With fewer but larger positions, we are able to express our best ideas with conviction to achieve a greater contribution to performance.
  • Primary Aim: The Aggressive Model Opportunities model portfolio is constructed to allow for large, outsized returns in exchange for assuming a higher level of short-term volatility in the portfolio.
  • Selection Process: Without being bound by company size, industry or traditional valuation measures, this portfolio can seek opportunities in all types of stocks.
  • Risks & Rewards: As this is our most aggressive approach to investing, the risks that accompany these investments mirror the potential rewards. Additionally, clients must take into consideration that higher volatility may accompany models that consist of fewer stocks. We make it our priority to determine a client’s risk-tolerance range before recommending Aggressive Growth Opportunities. The portfolio may also use options on a limited basis which entails additional risks compared to a traditional portfolio.