Growth & Income

About Our Models: Growth & Income

  • Description: This model is used to solve the growth needs of clients or to fight the erosion of purchasing power that results from inflation. A Growth & Income portfolio consists of 25-35 stocks that we believe show signs of future price appreciation, striking a balance between the income goals of the Equity Income model and the growth goals of the Growth model.
  • Primary Aim: As the name indicates, our Growth & Income model has two primary goals: increasing returns and increasing dividends within the portfolio.
  • Selection Process: CapWealth’s philosophy on the Growth & Income model’s selection is to weigh income-producing securities as heavily as it does growth-oriented securities. All companies are hand-selected by top executives and the CapWealth Investment Committee.
  • Risks & Rewards: As with all securities, investing in the market means assuming some amount of risk. Because of this, we remain aware of a client’s risk tolerance and their financial needs when suggesting a specific asset allocation or model for a portfolio. We strive to place our clients’ portfolios in models that avoid unnecessary risks, yet remain highly competitive against benchmarks like the S&P 500.