Portfolio Construction

Portfolio Construction

We use a 3-step process to construct individual portfolios.

Understanding: As a new client of CapWealth Advisors, you’ll first sit down face-to-face with us so that we can understand what you want your wealth to accomplish for you, your family and future generations. Based on this, as well as your unique circumstances and lifestyle, we identify the proper asset allocation for accomplishing your goals.

Factors We Consider

Establishing: In the second step, CapWealth Advisors crafts an Investment Plan for you. Here, we zero in on the ideal investment portfolio for you based upon our discussions and understanding of your investment needs. One of the primary reasons clients turn to us is our expertise in choosing the appropriate securities for their portfolios. To learn more about the models that we use, please visit our Models page.

Maintaining: Maintaining your portfolio means monitoring your investments, reallocating funds and adapting your portfolio to meet your changing goals and objectives. Once your portfolio is established, we begin our ongoing process of reevaluation and reallocation. Your needs can change in the same way that individual security values can fluctuate. You may start a new job, welcome the birth of a baby or decide to retire early. Your financial goals, risk profile and desired investment outcome will change as your life changes. Life is unpredictable and we are here to navigate your portfolio through these major changes. Read more about our Lifestyle & Wealth Management philosophy.