Retirement Solutions

Retirement Solutions

If you reached retirement age today, you would spend approximately 20 years enjoying the lifestyle of retirees. You’re likely to need about 75% of your current income each year to maintain the type of lifestyle that you have now. For some it will be more and for others less.

In the years preceding retirement, CapWealth Advisors will help you:

  • Establish an annual savings goal amount
  • Manage and eliminate existing debts or outstanding credit
  • Determine realistic goals for retirement
  • Structure a succession plan for your business

Directly before retirement, we will help you:

  • Analyze your Social Security options—when should you begin receiving benefits?
  • Determine how your earned income will be replaced with cash flow from various sources in order to maintain your standard of living
  • Structure a budget for your retirement needs

During retirement, we will help you:

  • Stay on track to meet your goals
  • Create the proper asset allocation in your portfolio
  • Assess and reassess as circumstances change

As life expectancy increases every year, the need to save appropriately for retirement does, too. There are many ways to bolster your retirement savings, including participating in employer match programs, enabling automatic savings in your accounts, or cutting back on spending. As your wealth advisor, we can help your present self to provide for your future self. We can direct your efforts towards retirement goals so that you can spend these years doing the things that you love with the people you love.