A Focus on Lifelong Education

We educate clients for life

CapWealth Advisors listens closely to clients’ concerns and goals, and we carefully and in plain terms explain our plans for getting them there. We regularly communicate to our clients our investment decisions and market analyses. When our clients have children and grandchildren, we invite the kids to Phoebe Venable‘s annual Money Camp every summer to learn about saving, spending, investing and giving. For our female clients and for the female friends and family of clients, we routinely offer seminar luncheons for discussing issues that specifically affect women. Read more about our Generational Education programs here.

Thirty years ago, when his business was just beginning as the first broker-dealer in Williamson County, CapWealth Advisors CEO Tim Pagliara told a local journalist that probably his greatest financial gift was as a teacher of clients. All these years later, it’s clear that he’s both a successful teacher and learner. His clients continue to grow financially, he continues to avidly study the market, and as a result Barron’s magazine calls Tim the top financial advisor in the state of Tennessee for five of the last six years.