Data-Driven Transparency

We’re transparent and upfront about fees and performance—by choice and by technology

CapWealth Advisors believes that all clients deserve a crystal-clear understanding of what their financial advisor does for them, including transparent, comprehensive reporting on the returns and the costs of their investments. It’s a Guiding Principle of ours (read them all here), and with CapWealth Advisors, you’ll get it.

Our fees are simple and easy to understand. We’re not interested in obscuring or complicating our compensation. We offer excellent work at a fair price, the only way to build a partnership of mutual trust and benefit—and the only kind of partnership we’re interested in.

We provide the same openness and integrity in our performance reporting—how your investments have risen or fallen in value—through technology. All clients get Provable Integrity™ reporting, a proprietary data-aggregation and analysis service powered by cutting-edge technology that provides accurate, easy-to-understand pictures of how their investments are performing. We also claim compliance with the Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS®)*, the global standard for performance reporting that gives the investor the transparency he or she needs to compare and evaluate investment managers.

What does all of this mean for you? When you receive a quarterly performance report from CapWealth (digital or paper, your choice, but either way will always come with a personal letter and our brief analysis of the market), you will get some graphs and pie charts, because those are great tools. But on the first page of every report, you’ll always get these important basics: the beginning value of your account, the ending value, gains and income, and fees. All in black and white. Good luck finding all of that essential information presented in such an unmistakably clear, straightforward manner in many other firms’ quarterly reports.

*To obtain a compliant presentation and/or the firm’s list of composite descriptions, please contact Ryan Hitt at