Personalized, Comprehensive Financial Advising

Personalized, comprehensive financial advising and wealth management that grows with you

Whether our clients have been with us for decades or for days, and while the strategies for each are unique, there’s a fundamental commonality in all our work at CapWealth Advisors.

It’s this: we strive, specifically and at minimum, for “lifestyle returns” on your investments. We aim to grow your wealth well ahead of inflation, in balance above the market’s downticks and well in front of any costs associated with your well-earned choices and habits of living. These are the kind of returns that send children to college, fund retirements, and accomplish the myriad other plans and aspirations we all have for our lives. (Read President & COO Phoebe Venable‘s financial column for The Tennessean newspaper on this topic here.)

In order to do so, we will select the best strategies and tools for your situation today, and we will alter and evolve those strategies and tools as your financial, family and lifestyle situation changes—but always in pursuit of that same goal. You deserve to have no cookie-cutter approaches taken with the fruits of your labors and discipline, and nor should your dreams be ranked in order of importance against the dreams of others. In short, you’ll always have our full attention through every phase of your life.

Your busy schedule and the part of town you live in won’t decrease that attention. If face-to-face meetings aren’t convenient, we’re happy to meet with you online!

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